Wednesday 1st of July – Welcome Day

Early Registration and a first glance at Romanian Culture. Art, drinks and a chance to interact with other EFPT Participants in a beautiful setting.

Early registration starts at 17:00 (GMT+02)

Thursday 2nd of July – Country Day

Each country talks about psychiatry training in their respective countries.  Delegates from each country will be expected to prepare a very short oral report and prepare a poster. More detailed instructions will be sent nearer the time. Country delegates will also receive information regarding the working groups.

Friday 3rd of July – Working groups and Workshops day

The day starts with a presentation held by Dr. Joseph Zohar, official CINP representative to the EFPT Forum and continues with the working group sessions. In the afternoon, there will be different workshops that participants can attend with prior registration.

Saturday 4th of July – Scientific Day

The day start with the second working groups session in order to finish off anything left from the previous day. It then continues with the scientific events, where we will have lectures by some of the top academic neuroscientists and psychiatrists from around the world. The forum will welcome representative from ECNP, EPA, WPA,  UEMS, UEMS-CAP, and the Romanian Psychiatric Association.

Wednesday 5th July – General Assembly

The General Assembly is the core business session for EFPT; on that day, we will elect the new Board, including the President Elect. Finances will be discussed, bylaws will be changed, prizes will be given out and political drama is to be expected. Make sure you are present and prepared. Make sure to not miss this for the twists and turns of The General Assembly are legendary.

The General Assembly ends roughly at 16:00 (GMT+02)